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It is known that several east medicine diagnostics methods are based on the synchronous pulse measurements in several (3) hand points for hundreds of deseases diagnostics. DC21P scanner lets us simultaneity determine pulse in 300000 points and get not only stipple, but also volume (3 dimension) information about the pulse. This product comes with following components: DC21P 3D pulse scanner; CD-ROM with software for Windows 98; 2000.

Getting the fingerprint image of fingers is an extra ability of DC21P scanner and it can be used in the various security systems as like DC21 scanner. For doing medical researches with DC21P scanner the additional information can be provided, including the source codes and programs' texts about using the scanner. An example of the 3d- pulse program is on the picture below.

Fingerprint 3d-pulse image indicates vibrations and historically it was the first vibraimage received by Elsys team. Go to free online fingerprint test on Psymaker Recognize you psy type and test compatibility with your love, partner, friend.