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There are two different modes for passengers behaviour screening - personal and crowd control. Personal control has the same principals described in emotional control and aura-vibraimage pages. For crowd behaviour control vibraimage system calculates macromovements, instead micromovements.

Controlled vibration range depends only from the camera angle, camera-object distance and movement amplitude of person. Head microvibration informatively expressed reflex movements (Vestibular-Emotional Reflex) but it’s well known that human body macromovements expressed behavior and emotions, too. Macromovements control has powerful advantage compared with microvibrations, it permits crowd control. Microvibration control has powerful advantage compared with macrovibration, it has more accuracy. High accuracy requests more resolution of every person but this principal conflicts with the security system price.

Airport applications usually find compromises between price and security and combined both controls (personal and crowd) in different places and are realized by Vibraimage system with different settings. Accumulation period for macromovements registration is smaller than for microvibration registration. It mostly determines by the speed of human body movement and do not suppose long time movement accumulation and movement repetition. Aggressive and nervous people performs more movements per second and have other colors in vibraimage picture than people in normal state. It is possible to adjust vibraimage system settings so, that normal people are invisible (or have real image) and only aggressive people are visible (or marked by color) on the screen. Detail description of system settings described in Manual. Several real vibraimages of airport passengers control are below.


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