Emotion recognition

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Emotions calculation

General formula for emotion calculation gives only total understanding about human energy output and vibration distribution by the reflexed head movement. The goal of vibraimage technology is to establishes a correspondence between any emotion and head micromovement characteristics. The way of correspondence search is not easy, firstly from absence of clear definitions for every emotional state. From other side the absence of generally accepted clear definitions for emotions is natural, because earlier psychology do not used physical magnitudes like energy (calorie) and frequency (Hz) for human emotions characteristics. It does not mean that there were no attempts to calculates emotions through energy. There are a lot of works concentrated on emotion recognition by using facial expression and motion energy [1, 2, 3], but always researches studied local facial muscular work characterized by changes between parts and points of face. This muscular work is local and scare, so often we have not see any changes in facial expression. The other process controlled by vibraimage technology- the facial or head position in space. This is physiological vestibulo-emotional reflex (VER) head movement for balance coordination and this process constantly realized by head-neck muscles and vestibular system. So we registers vibraimage parameters of continually going in time process, like heart pulse or EEG. This parameters varied in time linked with integral emotional and physiological human state. On the base of vibraimage parameters were suggested and tested algorithms for emotional states calculations including aggression, stress and anxiety (tension) levels [4, 5, 6].

Vibraimage 7.0 system gives users rights to calculate emotion according his own formulas, versions and theories. We invite members of this site and any visitors to suggest new formulas for emotion recognition and emotion calculations. Elsys could realize suggested algorithms and present systems and software for independent testing. Practical and fast emotion recognition of Aggression, Activity, Anxiety, Aura visualisation, Balance, Brain voice, Charming, Compatibility, Energy, Stress, Suspect, Tension, Lie Detection, Bio Testing. Need more? Request on Psymaker.com


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