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In vibraimaging human emotional state defines by calculation of spatio-temporal head energy movements distribution and microvibrations. First law of thermodynamics regulates the conservation of energy in any closed system.The change in the internal energy of a closed thermodynamic system is equal to the sum of the amount of heat energy supplied to the system and the work done on the system. The mathematical statement of the first law is given by dU = δQ – δW, where dU is the infinitesimal increase in the internal energy of the system, δQ is the infinitesimal amount of heat added to the system, and δW is the infinitesimal amount of work done by the system on the surroundings.

The infinitesimal heat and work are denoted by δ rather than d because, in mathematical terms, they are inexact differentials rather than exact differentials. According to the Hierarchical thermodynamics of Gladyshev [1] it is possible to consider the person in the mechanical balance at the same time in the biochemical balance and dW is the infinitesimal amount of work done by the system in microvibrations. The human thermodynamics [2] and thermoregulation supports the body temperature stable, so the emotional energy must be proportional to head movements and microvibrations. Natural head movements control by vestibulo-emotional reflex (VER) is unique physiological process coordinated by vestibular system [3, 4] and analogical to other constant physiological processes as EEG, ECG and GSR traditionally used for lie detection, emotion recognition and health diagnostics. Psychology differs more that 200 emotions, that means the different spatio-temporal energy distribution, because every emotion characterized by own behavior and energy. In general it is possible to suggest the following formula calculates any emotion by the energy distribution as:

formula Ei

formula Ei where Ei – i emotion (aggression, stress, tension e.t.c.); for formula Ei 1 formula Ei– is the time infinitesimal amount of work done by the system in the form of microvibrations;

for formula Ei 2 formula Ei– is the spacial infinitesimal amount of work done by the system in the form of microvibrations.

Concrete algorithms for different emotion state calculation and recognition explanation for aggression, stress, anxiety are suggested and discussed in this part. Aggression, Activity, Anxiety, Aura visualisation, Balance, Brain voice, Charming, Compatibility, Energy, Stress, Suspect, Tension, Lie Detection, Bio Testing in cheap and lite Vibraimage versions. Need more? Request on the internet-shop Psymaker.com! Three minutes for the software delivery and one minute for emotion testing. Control any emotions by yourself. Be psymaker!


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