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Lie detection is the practice of determining whether someone is lying. Activities of the body not easily controlled by the conscious mind are compared under different circumstances. Usually this involves asking the subject control questions where the answers are known to the examiner and comparing them to questions where the answers are not known. Lie detector or polygraph measures physiological changes caused by the sympathetic nervous system during testing. Within the US federal government, a polygraph examination is also referred to as a psychophysiological detection of deception (PDD) examination. This article doesn't discuss the reliability of lie detection, there are different opinions about it [1]. According to cognitive psychology theory and methods supposed, that any significant psychology reaction gives also significant physiology reply and the aim of lie detector is to capture it.

Vibraimage technology (VibraLie) allows to detect verbal and non-verbal psychophysiological reaction of deception, by registration of movement activity changes. Changes in movement activity are very sensitive to emotions and mental state, so vibraimage lie detection more depends on testing method, hardware and software. Most sensitive is head movement analysis, but sometimes specialists prefer whole body analysis, because hands activity is also informative. Detail description of VibraLie mode functions set in [2, 3]. Vibraimage software includes VILogViewer software for playing recorded video synchronized with log files for the subsequent lie analysis and vibraimge program for live lie detection. Advanced user has possibility to adjust vibraimage settings based on his own experience in lie detection. Now, Russian courts accept the results of lie detection and emotion recognition provided by vibraimage analysis. The sample of real live lie detection VibraLie analysis provided by Vibraimage 7.0 program is below:

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LD live test

Latest vibraimage 7.0 program allows calculate and display more than 50 psychodynamics parameters of tested person. On the image displays time dependence of high frequency movement parameter (A1) and lie level (P5), preferably used for live lie detection analysis. Green and red vertical lines means start and finish of verbal lie detection on graphs.

The sample of real lie detection analysis provided by LogViewer program from recorded video file is below:

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The great advantage of vibraimage technology is storage of whole information for lie detection analysis in standard video file like avi. That means possibility of effective postanalysis, without any information losses. Advanced user could test and display more informative parameters during lie detection analysis from recorded video. On the given picture displays 6 parameters of head movement activity, includes lie detected level on the lower graphs.

The world first contactless lie detection system VibraLie is available to purchase on Psymaker internet shop.

Simple and professional contactless lie detector has low price and acceptable for everybody! Psychophysiolgical detection of deception based on vibraimage technology gives 95% matching with traditional contact lie detector results. Detail Manual of VibraLie [4] includes testing method procedure description.


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