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Love and human compatibility are the powerful feelings and vibraimaging allows to calculate this human state functions as other emotion levels. The simple way to calculate pair compatibility is to place two persons in front of web camera. Love or antipathy have an influence on VER micro vibrations and visualized by aura vibraimage symmetry and frequency histogram form changes. Vibraimage 7.0 version calculates total pair compatibility level (P18 parameter) from 0 till 100% and it is possible to control this function in manual mode, too. Some photos of human pair compatibility matching are below. Vibraimage is the one of mental and physical method to test you compatibility with other person and could help your mind to visualized nature and reflex human features.

Vibraimaging of couple is more difficult for adjusting than one person image capturing, but the main principals of two person vibraimaging are the same as for one person. Facial images of the couple must be visible on the screen so detail as possible, see the photo below:

It is important, that every facial image has some distance from the frame edge, placed by aura. The couple image below is uncorrected for compatibility calculation, because facial man image cuts by the frame, and could not calculates correctly.

Now everybody could test your love. Test your couple in politics by vibraimge free test on Psymaker. Vibraimage matching gives you 3 politics with the best biological compatibility % with you!

Latest Love Detector version developed for Android mobile phones. It is very simple in installation and operation. Download psychophysiological Love Detector program to your mobile phone from Psymaker and test your partner feelings anytime! LoveDetector program can simply tests your relations with colleagues.

Note that Love Detector shows relationship between two person, even you see one person on photo with compatibility result.


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