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Mobile phones as every electromagnetic device have an influence on humans. The level of this influence is so low enough, so is very difficult to estimate it on the background of other factors which could be more significant than phones. However long time phone using statistics shows negative health changes, as was discribed in research works [1]. Vibraimage is high sensitive technology for any changes in human state, so it is possible to use it for recognition of low influence effects like mobile phones radiation. The results of different phones and phones neutralizers testing were provided in Elsys Corp. in 2005 [2].

The research was conducted on 10 human subjects. The vibraimage parameters were measured one minute before and one minute after their exposure to the mobile phone in talk mode. The exposure to the mobile phone in each test was during 5 minutes. Five tests were conducted on each subject: exposure to the mobile phone without any neutralizer, consequent exposures to the same mobile phone with MRET-Shield, TW, JP, and RU neutralizers. During the “blind” testing procedure all subjects were kept in comfortable environment. During the process of exposure to the mobile phone in talk mode each tested subject was verbally “counting” the same row of figures in order to maintain the relaxed physiological state. The frequency distribution histogram is the most informative integral characteristic of human body microvibrations. It shows the values and the range of frequencies of human body micro-vibrations as well as the percentage rate of each frequency in the distribution. There is direct correlation between stress reactions of the body and the changes in the parameters of the frequency distribution. The state of excitation in the body is signified by higher values and enlarged range of frequencies. The state of exhaustion in the body is signified by lower values and narrower range of frequencies.

Phones testing shows the main following results: There are statistically significant changes in the physiological state of the human subjects after the 5 minutes exposure to the mobile phone radiation in talk mode.

Vibraimage technology allows to detect weak factors influence on humans by statistics processing.

Typical frequency histogram changes after 5 minutes phones talking shown on the picture.

FM mode: the histograms of human body Frequency Distribution before (red diagram) and after (blue diagram) 5 minutes exposure to the mobile phone in talk mode without any neutralizer FM mode: the frequency histogram of human head frequency distribution before (red diagram) and after (blue diagram) 5 minutes exposure to the mobile phone in talk mode without any neutralizer.

Modern mobile phones with vibraimage programe registers aura and calculates personal compatibility like computers with web camera. Download Manual and installtation guede is available on Elsys Corp site.


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