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Vibraimage technology allows to analyze any human emotional state, so is possible to use vibraimage not only for terrorist recognition, but for the solving the opposite task and to recognize more charismatic person.

Democratic election analyzing shows that the results are predictable and if candidates have equal political influence, than people intuitively vote for more energetic and emotional person. It is need to have only the recorded video captured in equal conditions for charismatic analysis of candidates, so vibraimage analysis is easy to test on any past and future elections.

Vibraimage analysis results of US president candidates debates given on the site. Look on the real aura-vibraimages from the final presidential debate of the 2008 election season between Barack Obama and John McCain given on link. Simple mean of Obama energetic level during analyzed debate was on 20% more, than McCain level. Standard deviation of Obama energetics and charismatics levels were on 30% less than McCain. That means Obama has visual-intuitively more influence on people, associates with more powerful person than McCain.

Aura-vibraimage samples of several Obama statements are below. This samples show great difference in emotional state elected president between press conference and prepared presentation.